North Star All Star Cheerleading

Since 2004

Coach - NORM-always doing business 

Coaching Profiles

Head Coach - Lorrie Wallis (founder)

  • Has over 25 years of cheerleading experience
  • 12 Years with Camden Pop Warner
  • 11 years Camden Pop Warner Area Coordinator
  • 8 years with Tri Valley League
  • 7 Years as Tri Valley Cheer President
  • Started the North Star in 2004 
  • Nominated in the 10 Ten Coach of the Year for Cheer Ltd, Fayetteville, .....NC in 2007 
  • Coach of the year - W.Virginia
  • Full Time Insurance Agent
  • Volunteer in Camden Fire Dept
  • CPR/AED Certified

Coach – Norman Wallis
Norm brings his knowledge of 29 years of EMS
Gymnastics/Strength training Instructor and team Motivator
5 years of Coaching 
Currently captain of local Ambulance Service, Oneida County
Full time CEO of an Ambulance Service in Oswego County
Paramedic; ALS, PALS, EMT Instructor
Volunteer in Camden Fire Dept.-30 years

Coach - Marc Perry

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Coach - Kristin  Coonrod

Coach - Jacquline Seymour

Coach - Laura Losito

Coach - Deborah Tilbe

Coach - Lisa Perry

Coach - Gabrielle Edick

Coach - Melissa Turturo

Coach - Tessa Coonrod

Coach - Shelly House